General information

ConnectImmo is the real estate company of the Proximus Group.

ConnectImmo manages the commercial, financial, legal and technical aspects of the real estate portfolio of the Proximus Group (more than 1.000 buildings and sites).

Our mission

To support and leverage Proximus's core business by delivering state of the art real estate advice & services, in line with market quality and prices, resulting in an optimized space planning and a continuous creation of added real estate value.

Our main activities are:

  • Space management and coordination of internal moves
  • Management of sale and renting contracts
  • Prospection, negotiations and furnishing of several Proximus shops
  • Analysis and project management for renovation projects
  • Optimization of the real estate portfolio

ConnectImmo team

Our team

ConnectImmo is represented by a team of 42 people divided into 4 departments.

  • National Portfolio Management
  • Design & Project Management
  • Finance & Administrative Management
  • National Space Management